World of Warcraft Night Elves


For those of you that didn't catch the latest World of Warcraft screenshots over at EvilAvatar, I suggest you do it now. We are treated to a batch of images that feature the Night Elves as playable races. Can you say "style"? Blizzard's art direction continues to be top-notch. These screenshots ooze atmosphere. Look at the way their eyes glow, even in the distance. Look at the size of that tree in relation to the players walking up it. And judging from the low poly counts of everything, we're talking about an environment that could easily support dozens of players on-screen without crushing your framerate.

And, according to a quote I saw on GameSpyDaily, beta testing could begin this fall.

"The beta is expected to begin sometime in Q3 (Sometime between August and October). It will be done in stages. That is all the information we have at this time, please watch the World of Warcraft site for any news." -GFrazier-

I fully expect us to have weaned ourselves off of Diablo by the time this is released. Should we start picking WoW guild colors now?


Well that does it.  I must have this game in pretty much the same way that I must have food.

in the pick with the growling bear, the female elf looks decidedly nonchalant. that a french word?  wouldnt want to be branded unpatriotic.

I'm SOOOO there when this comes out! Go Clan GWJ!

You mean "freechalant"

I am assuming thats her pet or she's about to be bear food.

The tree, the archer, the male in plate in the background of the gate pic, the eyes, the hair colors, the ears are all oozing style.

The giant tree texture reminds me of a Disney painted background.