G-Spy Makes My Life Easier


The aforementioned games.slashdot.org has directed my attention to this meta news site about games. G-SPY scans a bucketful of gaming sites (sadly GWJ is not among the probed...yet) and gathers up all of the headlines and stories. Then it compiles a list of the stories that were posted on the most sites, and posts them to its own front page. I believe this technology is based on the flawless High School Fashion Theorem which states that "The awesomeness of any clothing in high school is directly proportional to the number of high school students wearing it." Right now, all the cool kids are evidently talking about the Lionheart Q&A at 3DAvenue.com.

Frankly, I applaud the effort. Right now it's mostly a tech demo, but with a fresh coat of paint it could be quite an interesting site. Besides, I wouldn't have to surf any more gaming sites for news here. I'll just push their RSS feed.