Console Price Drops Certain?


Note the question mark after the word "certain" You just gotta love that. VE3D, Evilavatar, my paper boy and a few others have indicated that all three consoles will be dropping $50 bucks in price soon. One would probably assume correctly that this would come into effect just before E3 when each console maker has their presentation. A Gamecube for $99 US with (assuming Nintendo loves you) one free game? You would pretty much have to buy a Gamecube at that price. Hell, I might make you buy all three!

We will of course, keep you informed. Eventually... probably after everyone else has told you about it.


What you mean people still don't own consoles?

I still dont own console. Dont know even how to feel about it. I think I`ll stick to PC snob attitude...until I buy one.