E3 SEGA Shots


I'm always a little sad when instead of having the SEGA logo for posts like this I have to use the "all platforms" image. Speaking of being sad, could SEGA's current E3 line-up be any more depressing? ToTheGame has shots from the currently known SEGA games to be shown at E3 this year. Included is a new Phantasy Star Online game (listed under the Gamecube), Sonic Adventure DX and the usual slew of sports titles among a few others.


If I got to interview someone at SEGA I would sit him down, make steady eye contact and give him a firm "What the f*ck?" interview.


Sega will be announcing some new games at E3. PSO III is more than just cardbattle.

As rehashed and relaunched as PSO is, I still think it has some of the best character design I've seen in a long time. None of the designs seemed very cliche, and they really gave the user a lot of options for customizing their avatar.

The monsters that I encountered, however, seemed a lot less original. But I didn't get terribly far in the game before my free month ran out.

You hit the nail on the head Sway.

The character design and customization is great.  The slowly morphing Mags based on what you feed them are great.

The monster design is mediocre.  The monster animation is mediocre if not goofy.  The level design, while quite pretty in spots, is repetative and not very awe inspiring.  Its too small/cramped and doesnt have enough unique features or landmarks.  I dont care if they quadrupled the game world.  If they still broke it up into the hundreds of little, cookie-cutter rooms it would be for nought.