Best News Show On TV Keeps Anchor


Toady seems like the kind of slow news day to get some television talk going on the front page, so here's an extra tid bit.  Comedy Central, which is already in the process of being bought out by MTV owner Viacom, might be in a state of corporate turmoil, but the face of its premier news show is staying put.  Jon Stewart, who replaced the much taller and much less funny Craig Kilborn in 1999 has extended his contract with the show through 2004.  It's pretty much that simple, so I won't bloat the article needlessly and simply send you to Zap2it if you want the details. 


More great TV news, although it's less good now that the Comedy Network has stopped playing the Daily Show during lunch time

I only recently discovered that Craig Kilborn used to host the Daily Show, and I can't even imagine how abysmal it must have been. The guy's an even bigger fake than Jay Leno.

Thank god.  Late night TV would've died without him.

Actually Kilborn wasn't so bad on the Daily Show. I remember when he left in 1999 I thought the Daily Show would suck, but John Stewart is better than Kilborn ever was. Hopefully John will get Letterman's spot when (if) he leaves.