Angel To Be Renewed


Say what you will about Ain't It Cool News, but their rumors have an uncanny ability to evolve from rumor to fact.  So when I say that Ain't It Cool's sources are saying that Angel is coming back for a fifth season, you can probably start to get your hopes up.  Well, good news, that's just what AICN is reporting.  Read on ...

According to AICN:

WeÂ've not been able to confirm this with our best sources, who appear to have retired for the evening, but the switchboard has been lighting up all Tuesday night with news from lesser sources that the WB finally decided to slide Â"AngelÂ" off the bubble and into a fifth-season renewal.

The article goes on to explain why this is good news, aside from the obvious 'I'm an Angel fan and want to watch it some more."  Among these reasons is that many of the best writers from both Buffy and Firefly will be migrating to the Angel writing team, which could very well be a pop-scifi television dream team. 

You'll may have to wait for May 12th for official word, but things are looking up for Angel.

- Elysium


Excellent news!

aside from the obvious 'I'm an Angel fan and want to watch it some more."


Me too I can't wait.

I heard the Spike character will be heading to LA and possible Willow.