ROOWWWARRGH! Sorry, the new Hulk trailer kind of got me worked up there. It looks far better than earlier footage would lead you to believe and Hulk himself looks great. Don't take my word for it (since the latest tests would indicate that my words can cause cancer) check out the trailer and see for yourself.


Coming to theatres June 20th!


Umm, he still looks very much like a cartoon. Except on some shots, but... I'm still very skeptical.

Hulk yawns.  Hulk wonders why Comanches and F/A-22 Raptors needed to kill Hulk.  Hulk glad X2: X-Men United coming soon.

I don't know about cancer but that link manages to freeze netscape on my laptop.

Yeah it pretty much killed Mozilla. Hmmm...now there's a movie. The Hulk vs. Mecha Mozilla!

Bleh, still looks awful to me. Could it be worse then Dare Devil though, the mind boggles.

Well I am excited!

Gee is he supposed to be that big ?! Anyway, I have a very bad feeling about this one.