Regime Change at PlanetGameCube


Springtime, already known for stirring up certain instinctual emotions, apparently also causes acute itchiness to move on. Yesterday we heard about Feargus Urquhart stepping down from Black Isle Studios and Interplay. Today I read that Billy Berghammer will be leaving Planet Gamecube. He has announced that he is turning over the site to his capable minions as he accepts a job with Game Informer Magazine. Billy has scooped any number of Gamecube stories recently. His site has given fanboys like myself fodder for all our forum ranting. It's good to see he'll be taking his Nintendo fanatacism deeper into the industry where it might spread roots and sway mainstream media to see the cube as TEH GREATEST CONSOLE, woops. Good luck to you Billy. And good luck to Jonathan Metts and the PGC staff who are taking the helm.