Daily Elysium: State of the Site (Month 3)

It's hard to believe we've been at this for three months now!  This month's state of the site update brings the same general good news we've packed previous ones with, namely that we're still here, we're still having a good time, and there's a good chance that more of you are reading this than did before.  On the downside, I'm still not famous.  That's kind of a bummer, because I've got a lot of really interesting responses planned for my big Barbara Walters interview, and she's not getting any younger ya know.  Well, maybe by June ...

Let's dig right in and see how things have been going this month.

I've ranted to you guys in the past about my great love for positively incrementing numbers.  I expend great energy pursuing, studying, tracking, and drawing conclusions from those slowly moving numbers and have shared my thoughts on that in the past, but at times even the raw static data itself can be sort of interesting.  It's hard for us to be precise on the bits of information we have regarding things like daily hits and unique visitors because we don't use cookies to track you at all.  We think you like it better that way, and we're happy to save you a few bytes of hard drive space that you'll almost certainly have to spend on a pop-up ad or a free e-mail service.  Consider it our personal gift to you.  What we do track, instead, are sessions.  I've always been a bit fuzzy on what precisely constitutes a session, or even how you define them, but I've come under the increasing notion that they're directly related to someone visiting the site.  Thus, I think they're a good indication of traffic.

Roughly, I think, a session works like this.  If you visit the site, and I know you do because you're reading this, our statistical software sees that such and such IP has hit the site and it begins a session.  Then, while your browsing the site for all its protein filled meaty content, as long as you don't separate one page view from another by over 30 minutes, then you remain in the session.  However, if you walk away from GWJ, for some bizarre reason, and come back more than a half hour later to browse some more, then it counts a new session.  Now, obviously we have some outstanding regulars who pack in several sessions a day, and I swear we don't pay them to do that, they just show up all on their own.  But, I'm also certain that we have many people who visit the site once a day, or twice at the most, so we began to wonder how we might estimate readership from our session values.

Through a great deal of chin scratching, and making very intelligent 'hmm' sounds, Certis and I formulated a best-guess ratio hypothesis of sessions to daily-unique hits.  We came to the conclusion that our unique daily hits must hover somewhere around two-thirds the number of daily sessions we receive.  We came to this conclusion without any sort of scientific or mathematical process, and some might point out that our hypothesis is less a theory and more a completely unfounded guess.  We really wouldn't argue with anyone who said that, but it tasted right so we're sticking with it. 

Now, I'm not going to tell you what our average daily hit count, largely because I don't want you giving us a pitiful look of consolation, but I will say that our most conservative estimates have us pushing 100,000 total sessions.  I'm also not going to try and convince you that that's a particularly large number, but what I am happy to talk about is how substantially and regularly we've grown with each month.  The little graph that I like to look at on occasion has several orange bars sitting next to one another, each one moderately bigger than the one before it.  This makes me clap my hands together in a very self-satisfied way and squeal like a little girl holding a new, and annoylingly adorable, kitten.  This reaction is one of the reasons I never look at the stats when my wife is around.

Usually at about this point I say how much I've enjoyed the quality of the forums.  This month is no exception.  They're just an outstanding and intelligent community of sometimes like-minded gamers.  That all goes without saying.  If you haven't signed up yet, and there's plenty of you that haven't, then I encourage you to join the conversation; we'd love to hear what you have to say.    

As always, we thank you for visiting Gamers With Jobs.  We're glad you've made this a stop on your gaming circuit, and we're trying hard to provide you thoughtful and original content on a variety of topics.  It's our mission to give you a reason to come back and read more tomorrow, and we're having a terrific time doing it.

- Elysium