Feargus Urquhart Leaving Black Isle Studios


You may have seen the rumors followed by official reports that Feargus Urquhart is leaving Interplay. He directed the Black Isle Studios division which has developed some of the epic games that still remain nearest and dearest to gamers' hearts. <Troy McClure Voice>You may remember him from such hit video games as Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, and Planescape: Torment.</Troy McClure Voice> According to the good people at Duck And Cover, his last day is May 12.

From what I've read in forum chatter about Feargus, those that have met him say he's a great down-to-earth guy and all seem to wish him well. I dug up this interview with him from a couple years ago at Gamasutra (free registration required) that seems to reinforce this image. It's a nice meaty read and gives you a good idea of how much of a hand he has had in the games you loved...like loved so much you should marry them.