Lords of Everquest


Well at least they didn't call it "Lords of the Everquest" although it was a near thing. The Everquest RTS site has been launched and judging by the 20+ screenshots, the descriptions of the units and features I'd say we're right on track for more of the same. Three playable factions? Check. Hero units? Check. A claim of 75 hours of single player gameplay? Check.

Click on read more for the features and an overview? Check.

Lords of EverQuest™ brings the best elements of the real-time strategy (RTS) world together with the epic storyline and depth of the legendary EverQuest® fantasy roleplaying game (RPG). By capitalizing on the rich history, detailed characters and literally hundreds of monsters found in EverQuest, and building upon successful feature sets of the RTS genre, Lords of EverQuest creates a revolutionary gaming experience. Three factions will vie for the control of the continent Antonica to ultimately shape the future of Norrath. Players choose from 16 individually customizable heroes to dominate the action on the medieval battlefield. From its graphics, to its ease of use, to its epic storyline, Lords of EverQuest is sure to be the new king of the RTS genre.

  • An epic story playable from three unique and different perspectives that involves over 75 hours of single player gameplay
  • Three completely different factions, each with their own special units and strategies
  • Hundreds of items and magical artifacts to arm troops with
  • 36 challenging single player maps and dozens of multiplayer maps
  • Take command of one of 16 different Lords
  • Level up Lords and uncover even greater power as all units level up, gaining experience and abilities
  • The ability to carry over key troops from mission to mission
  • A spell and ability system with more than 125 unique properties
  • Superior online multiplayer options for up to 12 players - No subscription fee required
  • State of the art custom 3D engine providing cutting-edge 3D graphics with more than 3 levels of zoom, 32 bit color and support for 1600x1200 resolution for superior detail

I love it when companies claim 75 hours of single player fun. You just know, especially for an RTS, what BS it is but that never stops them from trying anyways. Also, if you look at the screen shots you will notice that the draw distance is dismal right now, hopefully that will improve when the game goes gold.

- Certis


Looks like it still needs lots of polish.

The item system could be interesting though.