Sony Clicks "Undo" On Shock and Awe


The mob has spoken! By "mob", of course, I mean Elysium! According to a Reuters article, Sony is responding by public outcry by withdrawing their application for a trademark on "Shock and Awe". I suppose the question is now who will pick it up? Surely there's somebody with even less scruples out there.

While there had been no specific plans to use the phrase for a title of PlayStation software, the electronic giant now felt the application was inappropriate, she said.

Now do we applaud Sony for making this move or continue to be indignant for even considering it in the first place?


Of course EvilAvatar beat me to this by a day it seems. I've been so far out of the loop these past couple weeks that I don't know what's going on. For all I know they've probably introduced the Gameboy Advance SP to North America by now.

Game Boy Advance SP EX Turbo - make that two steps behind.

I vote for indignantcy. It could be worse, they could be EA I guess.