Come on Baby Finish What You Started


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When I was a kid growing up in my household meant you were exposed to many unfinished projects. My dad seemed to thrive on starting things and leaving them more or less done before suddenly leaping onto something new. This meant little things like that final touch of varnish, that last bit of sanding or those last few panels just never got done. What exactly is it that's so hard about that last hour of effort to get the job done?

I always told myself that I would be different. I wouldn't drive MY wife crazy by not finishing projects. Instead, I drive myself crazy by not finishing my games. I bet you hardly do either so don't judge me! Instead of judging I propose a challenge, a GWJ challenge if you will.

No matter how good a game seems to be there is always another one just around the corner. You'll promise yourself that you will get back to the game to finish it off but we all know you can only go so long between play sessions before you forget your place and move on to something else. It happened to me with Metroid Prime, Planescape Torment, Eternal Darkness and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to name a few. All excellent games in their own right but I let them slide for a couple weeks and so it goes.

I propose a challenge, a way to support each other through those games we want to finish but just never got around to. Hit this forum thread and post a list of games you always meant to finish but never quite managed. It doesn't matter how old they are so long as you have a genuine interest in beating them. Once everyone has a list in there we can pick a few games and challenge each other to play through them and report our experiences as we go. Each game will get its own thread and we'll see who can survive the challenge and stick with the game until the end.

This may mean of course that you have to take some time off from buying every game that hits the shelf and focusing on a few titles at a time but you never know, you might just like finishing what you started.


- Certis


I wouldn't drive MY wife crazy by not finishing projects.

Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it!