X-Men 2 Movie Review


AICN's Moriarty has posted a glowing and spoiler free review of May 2nd's upcoming blockbuster X-Men 2. Based on this review and the apprently amazing trailer for the Matrix: Reloaded May looks to be an excellent month for movies!

I loved the first X-MEN when I saw it, and I feel the same way about this one. This time out, though, there’s no sense that you need to excuse certain limitations because of production difficulty or time constraints or budgetary concerns. There’s no sense of compromise here at all. This is a giant budget film, and every mutant character is allowed to fly the freak flag high. The action is better, the design is richer, the characters are allowed to do more. It’s a wonderful example of how to come back to a world and get the most out of it.

The whole review is just full of praise, kittens and mittens. Thank god Halle Berry isn't stuck with the kind of lame lines we were subjected to in the last movie!


I'm sure it will be good, Bryan Singer is a good director and wouldn't let the quality of the movie dip.

That being said, I LOATHE any review coming from AICN. Every review it seems like the movie is the best movie they have ever seen and they relate it to some childhood experience or some crazy story in their life.

Anyway May is going to be a good month for movies. Can't wait...

AICN reviews stopped holding water with me when Harry hated The Phantom Menace and unquestionably loved Attack of the Clones.

That's why I pointed out that it was Moriarty doing the review, not Harry. He loves movies but he isn't psycho about reviewing them like Harry is.

I thought Harry loved the Phantom Menace, just like he loves every movie ever made.

I don't trust AICN for movie reviews that have a fanboy following. Unless Gambit shows up at some point in the film, it will suck. I'm a fanboy and I'm not afraid to admit it.

The first movie was pretty decent, but needed a bigger budget and a little more polish.  Sounds like this one has both, so I can't really see it not being good.  I'm looking forward to it as least as much as the new Matrix.