Family Guy Coming To DVD April 15


Wow, I'm just on a roll today.  I'm like a smarter, funnier Certis or something!

Anyway, don't you hate it when the headline pretty much says it all, but the guy who runs the website feels like he needs to fill his front page space, and possibly his ego, with comments that only vaguely relate to the actual news you wanted to read about in the first place as some kind of self-absorbed medium through which said writer yammers on about nothing in particular until you just want to stab him in the eye with a frozen fish stick?  I hate that. 


If you want to read on about The Family Guy, though, then you should ... well read on.

According to Zap2it, Family Guy's Season 1 and 2 are right around the corner for your viewing pleasure.  The show which trigger happy and mentally disturbed network Fox periodically aired, then cancelled, then aired some more, and then cancelled again, is, like other cancelled Fox shows, ready to live again through DVD.  Is it my imagination, or is DVD release becoming the new syndication?  Anyway, here's what Zap2it has to say,

FOX aired 49 episodes of the animated comedy that was chock full of pop culture references and random bits of surreal hilarity. During those three years the series occupied over half-a-dozen spots on the schedule, picked up two Emmys and garnered a rabid fan following, allowing it to take on a life on its own even during some of what appeared to be terminal hiatuses.

Those diehards will be rewarded for their devotion on Tuesday, April 15 when the first two seasons are released together in a DVD box set. Already one of's top sellers, it appears that demand for the Griffin family (dad Peter; mom Lois; kids Chris, Meg, baby Stewie; and the sophisticated talking dog Brian) hasn't diminished in the past year.

Consisting of 28 episodes -- including two of [show creator Seth} MacFarlane's favorites: "Death Is a Bitch" and "Road to Rhode Island" -- MacFarlane, assorted writers and some of the show's vocal talent (including Alex Borstein and Seth Green) provide commentary for eight of them. However, MacFarlane says they recorded tracks for them all, meaning there's 20-episodes worth out there waiting to be bootlegged.

"Most of them were deemed too offensive for the home video audience, if you can believe that," he laughs. "I never really understood why -- there was a lot of stuff on the commentary that would have passed legal on the network front, so I'm not quite sure what went wrong there."

And for those of you hoping against hope that The Family Guy might some day be resurrected, McFarlane has a tiny ray of sunshine to send your way. 

"Actually, it's interesting, 'Family Guy' is always floating around out there," MacFarlane says. "There's always talk of another network or someone else doing some additional episodes and it's sort of being floated around right now. So, as a sidebar, that's always something that's kicking around."

Just a little tease to keep you guessing.

- Elysium


I love Stewie. I hope we see more in the future.

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Is it my imagination, or is DVD release becoming the new syndication?

I hope to God so. I mean really, Id much rather have a few DVDs sitting around of shows I really like than 20 reruns of Friends. That is assuming of course the price isnt ridiculous. Which it very well could be. Depends on the show I guess.

Wait - So only 8 episodes in the collection have commentary? And where will you get the other 20 episodes that have commentary but won't get released?

I would imagine they will leak out somewhere.  Strikes me as pretty ridiculous not to include them, but it's clear that was not McFarlane's choice.

<blockquote>self-absorbed medium through which said writer yammers on about nothing in particular until you just want to stab him in the eye with a frozen fish stick?</blockquote>

Wow, I thought you were talking about Evil Avatar there for a second...

Its also coming to Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, although they havent said what days it will e on or the time.

I watch Adult Swim every night, Futurama rocks as does Home Movies.

On Sundays they have Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which is like the best show ever!

Maybe if people buy the DVD's, then networks will be less apt to run this un-funny hunk of {ableist slur}itude when I want to see something funnier, like paint chipping or cancer.

So ... you didn't like it then?