DAoC and Earth & Beyond


Pardon the slow updates today, sometimes our site name rings a little too true. There are a couple things of note going on in regards to MMORPG's that are actually in retail at the moment. First off HomeLan Fed has an interview with Craig Alexander about Earth & Beyond. They side-step the one thing I'm really interested in hearing about unfortunately.

HomeLAN - Can you give us an idea about the game's current subscriber rate and is the subscriber base growing?

Craig Alexander - The subscriber base is growing steadily. I canÂ't give you an exact number, but its tens of thousands. (The EA corporate PR folks have to approve the release of any kind of sales or subscriber number.) Also, we get hundreds of new players every week coming in through the 5-day demo (downloadable from the major download sites, and you can get a free disc mailed to you at www.enbdemo.com) and through the Buddy Referral program.

Moving on, Dark Age of Camelot still exists and they're on the verge of bringing in player houses. Read on for more info.

Mythic's Matt Firor had a small update about what's coming in the way of updates for DAoC. It's not too long, I'll post it all here:

The purpose of this note is to give you, the Camelot Community, a sense of what we're working on in the near future. Right now there's a lot of confusion and uncertainty about our priorities, and I want to take a moment to lay out our schedule for the next couple of weeks.

First, we know that we did a round of enhancements to Albion, and we never announced our next step, which everyone assumed would be moving on to Hibernia. When we didn't, there was a lot of consternation and concern for that Realm. So, just to make sure that there isn't any more confusion, here's a list of the ongoing tweaks and fixes we're working on for 1.62:

- Assessing why Valewalker performance in RvR is substandard and taking appropriate measures.

- Assessing why Animist performance in RvR in substandard and taking appropriate measures.

- Addressing Midgard's Left Axe style/endurance regeneration combination, which leads to Berserkers and Shadowzerks doing more damage than they would normally be able to.

- Fixing some bugs with some Celtic Dual and Dual Wield combat styles to make them do commensurate damage as other tanks.

- Making Triple Wield more effective and usable more often.
- Making Dirty Tricks more effective and usable more often.

- A run-through of general Hibernian class issues, with tweaks and fixes as appropriate, similar to the Albion tweaks we did a few months ago.

- Opening up some race/class combinations in Hibernia.

- Of course, addressing any other bug fixes and issues that crop up.

Status on Housing: we are getting ready to take Housing into beta on Pendragon next week. We've been working very hard on this, and think we have a great, flexible, housing system that players who want to have their own space in the game will love.

We're also gearing up to getting free mid-level characters to those accounts that have a level 50 character. I'm going to be vague on this until we have a more definite plan in place but suffice it to say that it will be as least as robust as Mark described many months ago in a State of the Game letter.

Finally, we're going to be making a major announcement about our RvR enhancement plan in a few weeks via a press release. Suffice it to say, we know that the endgame of Camelot is all about RvR and we have a plan for focusing on and improving it as such.

- Certis


Actually, the idea of giving mid-level characters to those who've reached level 50 is a pretty good idea for encouraging longevity.  Not sure how much I ever really cared about housing, but I'm probably in the minority there.