Nintendo Introduces Golden Sun: The Lost Age


Nintendo has just informed me (and anyone else who gets their e-mail announcements) that I should probably start paying attention to Golden Sun: The Lost Age because of its impending release. It's set to launch on April 14 for your GBA and, of course, GBA:SP. You can check out the Official Golden Sun website at for more details and some pretty screenies. You can also dip inside for the full e-mail announcement verbiage.

Intent on freeing the powers of Alchemy, a daring band of young adventurers plunges into the mysterious world of Weyard. But will their heroic quest truly bring about another golden age - or tragically lead to the destruction of the world?

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, you use immense psychic powers to move objects, read the minds of strangers and summon forth powerful creatures. Your ultimate goal: to light the beacons on two Elemental Lighthouses, thus returning Alchemy to the world.

If you've played the original Golden Sun, you can upload your character information and catch a glimpse of secret events. If you haven't, you're in for a world of astonishment as you embark on a stunning quest unlike any other.

I've played through a fair share of the first one and it's amazing the depth and quality of RPG they can jam into those little cartridges.


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I'm playing the first one right now.  While I'm having fun with it, I can't help but wish it was a litlle less "teh kiddy".  I'd love to see a more serious RPG like Planescape:Torment on the GBA.

Imagine how much they'll charge for the complete Star Wars movie collection, which I bet will be the only way to get the "Classic" Triology.  Bastards.

I'm still playing the original game, and I don't like it so much. I'm stuck after battling in some Tree/Dungeon (they say I need some water to revive him but I don't know where to go).

Anyway, I heard it was boring in the beginning, but I've already played more than 5 hours or so, and it's still boring. Does it get better? I find it to be rather badly written, with an all too common story for RPGs. Oh well.

I'm still trying to figure out what people liked about GS so much. I personally found it rather mediocre. I also still wonder why Nintendo decided to put the NA release of Fire Emblem and Magical Vacation on hold despite the very good sales of GS.