The Phone Booth


If news gets any slower today I think things might start un-happening soon. I saw The Phone Booth last night starring a heavily eye browed Collin Farrel and it was an entertaining hour and twenty minute film. Some people might be disappointed with such a short running time but to be honest I'd rather watch a short good movie than a mediocre two hour pile of crap.

On the gaming front I've been putting equal time into Praetorians and the ever-amazing Zelda: The Wind Waker. I'm probably about 70% done Zelda so far and I don't plan on finishing it until I explore the entire ocean and see as much as possible. IÂ've been told playing through the game again once you finish it contains some different content so I expect IÂ'll end up doing that since I can't seem to get enough.

The missing Strongbad email from Monday is now online and working. ItÂ's a short story which would be pretty cool if it was a bit more entertaining. Ah well, check it out here.

ThatÂ's all IÂ've got for now, maybe one of you can do something cool so weÂ'll have something to post around here!