The Week Ahead


The releases make a comeback this week with some sneaking, some racing and a little bit of pirating going on. Why, there's even a couple PSOne games worth mentioning in today's line-up.

I'll try to be brief, Hoochie and I stayed up way too late watching Zorro and eating food from hell last night and now I feel dirty.

All games ship on Tuesday unless otherwise noted.

Midnight Club II (PS2)

Tropico II: Pirate Cove (PC)

Run Like Hell (Xbox)

Splinter Cell (Xbox, GC)

Emergency 2 (PC)

Final Fantasy: Origins (PSOne)

InuYasha (PSOne)

Burnout 2: Point of Impact (GC)


• Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
• Hit Me
• Paid In Full
• Playboy Shooting Stars: Hip-Hop & Rock
• Streetball: And1 Mix Tape Tour
• Waking Up In Reno


according to ve3d Barbarian is released for XBox this week as well. Anyone can tell me more about both Barbarian and/or Run Like Hell? Are they worth their money?

No mention of Barbarian at I'm afraid.

I'm not sure about Run Like Hell, I think the name may be a pretty accurate description. Gamerankings gives it an average of about 60% on the PS2 and Xbox. Looks like Barbarian averaged around 70%.

Having woken up in Reno several years ago, I can say with some certaintity that little good happens after that, fortunity I escaped.. perhaps they made a game of that :).