Sci-Fi: The Mini-Series Channel


Proving that watching Sci-Fi miniseries 'events' only encourages them, the network is putting together an increasing number of special broadcasts for your science fiction viewing pleasure.  Riding the relative success of Children of Dune and Taken, Sci-Fi channel is ramping up production on several projects.  Considering that Sci-Fi is a little inconsistent with the quality of their mini-series, I's ambivalent over whether this is terrific news, or precisely the kind of television I should avoid.     

There's a full accounting of the coming shows in this article, but included in the productions is a four-hour remake of The Thing.  Written by Gary Goldman (Minority Report), this new iteration of the well traveled story retains the general premise and setting.  For those of you who might not have seen John Carpenter's 1982 film, the film revolves around an Antarctic research station that discovers an alien craft frozen in the ice housing an alien creature that can assume the appearance of those it kills.  Naturally, some very tense bedlam ensues.

What Carpenter achieved was a terrific sense of paranoia and doubt as viewers were constantly faced with the question of whether a character was truly himself.  It's hard to imagine maintaining that level of suspence over four-hours, particularly when it's already been done so well. 

Additionally, work progresses on the Battlestar Galactica remake.  I've said my piece on that before, but the addition of Edward James Olmos as Commander Adama elicits a very specific 'huh?' from me.  I stand by that statement.

Also being worked on over at Sci-Fi, but with little information at this point, is a project surrounding that all too familiar Myst franchise.  This is good news for those with a passionate hate for Myst, because it will provide new fuel to your unquenchable fire.  If you're very lucky, and I think you might be, then this will be a terrible project.  It will probably also be very boring.

Further, Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars looks to be getting the bump to the small screen, as does Ursula K LeGuin's Earthsea trilogy.  Again, little specifics are known on these projects at this time.

- Elysium


The original 1940s version of The Thing, while almost nothing like the John Carpenter remake, is a pretty good movie as well. It stars James Arness as The Thing and features some snappy, crackling dialog.


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