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I know we have a solid contingent of Buffy and Angel fans around here so I figured a couple news bits wouldn't hurt. According to AICN, James Martsters (the guy who plays Spike on Buffy) mentioned that if Angel gets taken on for another season Joss Whedon would like him to join the cast.

I was at Grand Slam convention in Pasadena. During James Martsters Q and A, he said that the spinoff idea is still up in the air and may end up happening or might not. But he said that he was recently asked by Joss Whedon to join the cast of Angel next season. He has agreed, and he believes that Angel is definetly going to be renewed for a 5th season.

Suits me fine, I like Spike and his fancy new soul well enough. The actor himself is like 42 or something so hopefully he won't suddenly melt on set.

Finally, UPN has released the show schedule for the last episodes of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Read more for that!

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, which has garnered both extraordinary critical acclaim and a fiercely devoted fan base, will conclude its seventh and final season with five all-new episodes beginning Tuesday, April 15 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. The remaining four one-hour episodes will air on April 29, May 6 and May 13 with the series' last ever original program on May 20 (all at 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT).

That's all!

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I like Spike and he would be a great addition to the cast.  However, that cast is pretty big already.

I cant really see how a show wouldnt be diluted with Spike, Angel and Wesley.  Add in Connor and Gunn and the fight for air time is lessened further.  Spike, Angel and Wesley can each headline an episode.  Connor and Gunn cant but together they could or when paired with Fred or Cordy. 

I just hope the three heavies (Spike, Angel and Wesley) won't pull the show apart with strong divergent plotlines.  Spike, Connor and Gunn could have their own show.  They would have to bring Cordy along to round the cast out with a strong female lead. 

Of course that would hurt Angel, but, Faith or Willow could be thrown into the mix and the singing empathic demon could grow into a stronger role to fill the gap.

Hmm, a Wesley, Faith and Willow show would be good.  Thrown in a support role for Giles and were talking good TV.

Wow... Angel and Spike as two main characters? That'd make for a pretty strange dynamic, unless they were bringing Spike in to be a villain (to replace Lyla and Wolfram & Hart). Even with a soul, it doesn't mean he has to remain a nice person...

A theory I have thrown around is that I believe Connor will not make it past this season. Joss has never been shy about killing characters off, and Connor although a cool character, wouldn't be missed by me if he were to die off.

Well granted he is a young actor (19 I think) so his romantic scenes are a little stiff though not quite as bad as Anakin and Padme.  The rest of his character is ok.  If he isnt going to make it, I hope they give some thought to how he dies.  I would not like him to just "surprise!" go like Lyla for shock value.  It bothers me when they obviously push a character pretty hard the *poof* he's gone.  I like Lyla alot BTW.  Highlight the section below to see what I wrote below.

****** SPOILER *******

I really dreaded them possibly killing the singing empathic demon last episode.

******* END SPOILER *****

I agree with Lyla it sucks that she is gone I liked her as well. She had that whole, trailor park slut thing going on with Wesley, except she had money.

Still I much prefer having no one be safe on the show. It gives the writers the ability to do more with the story. It sort of sucks when you follow a series like this and the good guys always win, you know what's going to happen before you start watching it and the only question than is how they end up doing it. That doesn't always make for good TV.

Oh well I got to go Certis and Hoochie are coming over and we are going to watch the new Angel tonight. Woooo Hooo!

Im sorta torn. On the one hand, Spike is awesome. On the other hand, I never watch Angel, so if I started watching next season Id be totally lost.

Alot of it depends on how the finale of Buffy goes. If they have an ending that is so perfect I couldn't ask for any more, I'd probably just stop watching. Like after Season 5, only this time Buffy is actually gone. I just don't know if Id want to watch with the whole Spike/Buffy thing over with. Also without Buffy, Xander and Willow Im not sure if I'd find the rest of it as interesting. I never thought Angel was all that great a character to begin with, which is why I don't watch the show in the first place. On the other hand, Spike is really cool. Who knows, TNT is going to start showing reruns, maybe Ill record those and watch them in order that way.

Pyroman you are missing out.

Nother good episode tonight.

GO FRED!!!!!

Well I think after last nights episode Conner finally crossed the line between good and evil. Hopefully that means he gets his stupid ass killed.


I also wouldn't be surprised to see Cordy not return next season either. She just gave birth in real life so I am sure she will be busy raising her new son.