Vietcong Interview


I'm a little hesitant to post any news on a crazy day like today but I think a Vietcong interview should be safe enough. Worth Playing has a nice little interview with Pterodon Development's project lead Jarek Kolar. They cover a lot of basics for those of you who may be interested in giving Vietcong a shot.

Q : With such a realistic game in the offering what should we expect in a fire fight?

This is one part of the game we are very proud of and why we created a bespoke engine. Not only will your team-mates give covering fire in a battle but you can expect the enemy to dive for cover. While in cover they will shoot over or around obstacles to reach their target. We wanted realism and with the AI that we have created you can expect some pretty heated fire fights.

I gave the demo for Line of Sight: Vietnam a shot and while it looks great I found that it was too much of an action game for me to enjoy. Excellent SOF2-like multiplayer though, great rendering of greenery to hide in. That said, Vietcong continues to rule the Vietnam roost!