You're All Playing Zelda, Aren't You?


It's so quiet here.  Must have something to do with the fact that Zelda and the new GBA are now widely available.

Don't worry, you're not missing much in the gaming news scene.  Trust me, I've looked.  I think everyone's taken the day off sick.


Man I tried to finish Dark Cloud 2 the night before and after about 8 hours of DC2, Zelda arrived via Fedex. Now what do I do? Finish DC2 or go to Zelda, its sitting right here taunting me.

Sort of. Right now I'm trying to ignore the brand new copy of it that's sitting on my desk.

Nope, no Zelda. Did get a chance to try out Auto Modellista online before work though! What a rush!

Best. Zelda. Since. OoT.

Modellista online play is pretty smooth, but theres no reason to pick any of the slow to medium cars in online play. Everyone races the top of the line cars.

I'm hooked on my GB SP. It's great I tell you! If you grew up in the SNES era, it's a throwback to those times. I got Super Mario World today, it's still an excellent game. Coupled with Metroid and Kirby... Well, I'm a happy gamer. Next up is Castlevania, Advance Wars and Golden Sun. By the time I'm done with those I'll be onto Advance Wars 2 and GS 2... And who knows what else.

I love this thing. I actually play it. I bought Xenosaga, Dark Cloud 2 and FF IX, and I've not really played them (DC2 is still wrapped...)
But the GBA SP I can take anywhere and get little gaming breaks. Love it!