Daily Elysium: Hodgepodge

Some days I approach this column with a clear sense of what I want to say, how I want to say it, and a focused approach of delivering that singular thought to you.  Mostly, I just fly by the seat of my pants, start pressing buttons on my tired keyboard, and see if consonants and vowels mix to form a recognizable thought at least vaguely coherent. Usually, I do follow a general theme, or at least begin with a single theme and follow helplessly, like riding white water rapids in a leaky whiskey barrel, as the drunken conductor of my train of thought bounces from topic to topic toward inevitable derailment.

Today's a bit different.  IÂ've got a few things I want to point your attention toward, none genuinely worthy of a full post on its own. Mostly they have to do with interesting games, sites, or movies that have come across my screen lately and made me feel a deep if fleeting need to share them with you. Usually this means I share them with Certis instead, who, to his credit, more often than not endures the links I send his way and nods politely. He does this because I have four GBA games IÂ've promised to send him, and he is placating me for a few days til theyÂ're in his miserable grubby hands.  I see through you!

First, I want to tell you that multiplayer Rainbow Six: Raven Shield over Gamevoice is swiftly becoming the best time I can spend on my computer. Last night, having finally convinced Gaald that it was in his best interest to purchase the game, we massed a reasonably adept three-man team with which to cooperatively fight international terrorism. I think Certis is planning to make a post on this topic, so I donÂ't want to spoil his fun by talking too much about it, but there are a few things he might fail to tell you.

IÂ'm certain he will mention how cool the GWJ armpatches look in game. IÂ'm willing to bet heÂ'll even have some pictures to show you, so if you could just make him feel good by making a big fuss over the patches, then it sure would make my life a lot easier. Second, heÂ'll almost certainly tell you about the part where I accidently threw a grenade at his feet. HeÂ'll make a big deal about this without telling you that, as I was preparing to lob that holy handgrenade at mine enemies so that I might smite them, he was supposed to be covering me from the terrorist that began spraying bullets at me.  He also wonÂ't tell you that several missions saw both Certis and Gaald fall early with as many as one or two kills leaving me, Elysium, often injured, to successfully take out the remaining dozen enemies and complete our mission which I did, I think, with much aplomb.

I leave the rest for him to weave his fiction.


Maybe itÂ's prerendered, maybe itÂ's gameplay footage, maybe the game will suck, but this gets me pretty excited. IÂ've said before that this may be the game that makes me wish I had my PS2 back, and now IÂ'm even more fearful of that eventuality. ThereÂ's a very small boy deep inside my psyche that, to this day, plays with his hundreds of Transformers waging wars of unimaginable complexity across sweeping and majestic vistas. Occasionally divisions or reinforcements sent by GI Joe provide supporting fire, but by and large itÂ's a war of giant improbably transforming robots, and when they transform they make that very cool sound.  A sound which I'm pleased to hear is faithfully reproduced in the above link.


Sometimes you see these articles with a mishmash of comments, topics, and links, and you skim them because you're not quite sure what to pay attention to and what to discard.  I understand, I really do, but stop skimming for a moment and pay attention, because I think there's something you ought to see.  It's a short-film I ran across, and it's strange, and disturbing, and funny, and, well, just troubling some how.  It's also wonderfully creative.  It's not necessarily 'at work' material as it contains some profanity.  So, check out The Parlor at your discretion.


For those of you interested in Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming Planetside, there's a brand new trailer out that, as far as I can tell, is just  voiceover work done on top of previously released footage. 


Finally, this will probably be the only thing you see from me about the current global situation on the front page.  If you're not interested in seeing any links that aren't directly related to gaming, I understand and you should feel free to move on.

I'm not posting this link to be in any way political, but only because I think this is a worthwhile link for those who respect the sacrifices of our soldiers, and one you should be aware of.  I think, regardless of your perspective on the war, supporting the troops is a noble cause.  I know it's something of a cliche, because a lot of people support the troops with lipservice only, but this is a link where you can find some resources to actually do something.  Even if it's as little as sending an e-mail or some toothpaste, here's a way you can actually support the troops regardless of your position on the war. 

- Elysium


The link to the short "The Parlor" was pretty good. Thanks for the link.