Shadowbane Released, Plague O'er the Land


Shadowbane is shipping to stores preceded by a howling wind of despair. In fact, if you were to pick up a Shadowbane box I bet you could hear it quietly whisper Â"Despair, despairÂ" over and over again until you begin to wonder if life is worth living anymore. In case you donÂ't feel the despair yet, you can head over to 3D gamers or Fileplanet and download the first 8 meg patch for the game. You know, the official launch patch.

LetÂ's read the fixes!


- A number of performance optimizations relating to group moves, building collision, and asset affiliation
- Imposed a range on group formation messages to eliminate the server trying to calculate paths over thousands of units for group members not local to the leader that calls formation
- The Patch client no longer spins at 100% CPU while doing nothing
- The chat channel now has a character limit for length of messages
- Socials are now included in the Spam check along with other messages '"throttled"


- Fixed a bug where the Mac Patch Client would sometimes decide it needed to patch itself when it wasn't really necessary
- Fixed a lighting pop that occurred at dawn and dusk
- Fixed a leak with serverlogin messages
- Fixed a bug where the cursor wasn't getting hidden during fullscreen movie playback
- Fixed a client crash associated with particle effects
- Fixed attack and call for help strings that were putting !Actor! In place of the character name
- Fixed stuns applying immunity before stun effect
- Fixed a bug where you would respawn at your grave after dying
- Fixed some non-fatal mobile spawning errors in a couple of zones
- Players should now get booted from starting cities when they hit level 20
- Fixed a bug where the movie playback would stutter on the Mac Client
- Fixed a crash associated with blade trails
- Fixed a crash associated with socket closing
- Fixed a client crash associated with managing a building
- Fixed a crash associated with startup
- Fixed a micro zone on the starting island where pvp was allowed
- Fixed a problem where Mac clients weren't reading DOS formatted config files correctly
- Fixed a crash associated with natural projectile attacks
- The who list should no longer show the @World tag on each player

- Certis


This game just has such serous problems... is just amazing to me that they have the balls to slap a ship it label on this and slide it into stores for folks to plunk down cash for. Sure they have a few innovative play ideas but there client and servers are just a mess.