DOA Extreme Nude Volley Ball

Section: has posted some supposed shots of DOAX operating with a nude patch in place. Outside of these shots, there doesn't appear to be any proof that it's real but I doubt that's going to stop most of you from downloading the zip file containing about 40 shots. Considering the fact that the bikini strings are still visible in a graphics glitch I think it may be entirely possible these are not faked. Not that I looked..

Read more for a sample and a link to the rest, I don't want anyone getting trouble at work!


If you want to "study" the zip file for yourselves, head over to Fragland and download it. They do not have the actual nude patch nor do they have any instructions on how to get it, sorry.

I should point out that these shots are not for kids, no sir. 

I smell an early April Fools joke..

- Certis


Who know you could patch an X-Box game?

Come on folks, just go buy some real porn and slip down the slope all the way, these half measures are just sad :). Not that I looked mind you... yeah that's it.



heh you would not belive it, but this is real. Basically it contains some skins for the models. There is more news about it on Apparantly you need a mod chip for this.

However I hardly can understand what is exciting about comic or animated (cgi, manga or what else there is) women. Maybe I missed the point there? Someone willing to enlighten me?  Until then I shall rather get excited about going out with my gf :).

Since as chrisg says, you need a modchip, I believe these are real.

And as I can already see, almost everyone thinks whoever does this cant get a real woman. You know why I think people do this? The reason anyone hacks, the challenge. The game doesn't want you to see them naked, you get to say otherwise. It's just like every other rom hack, mod or cheat, they do it because it's difficult, and you gain noteriety. To characterize it as teenage lust is a little short sighted, though Im sure there are several lonely teenagers out there now buying modchips to download this mod.

I would like to download this mod though, and I have an entirely different reason. See, when I got this game, I immediately turned it into a game that was not what the designers intended. I decided to turn it into "Dead or Alive Get These Chicks as Close to Naked as Possible". Just what is this magical game I made up, you ask? It's a genius design, basically you try to get the girls as close to naked as possible. The game gives you incentive by being the biggest cocktease in the history of cockteases. That's where alot of the difficulty comes from too. So when I found the transparent visor bug, I had felt like I had won. Basically you get a baithing suit with transparency, and then a visor with transparency. Then look at the baithing suit through the visor. The closer layer of transparency overrides the farther away layer, and the baithing suit disappears. I felt like I had won, until I discovered that the only angle to look through the visor allowed you to almost see nipples but not quite. Cockteased again.

With this mod, I would truly have won.

Not that anyone's questioning whether or not this is a hack, cause clearly it is, but here's why: if it were real, they wouldn't have pubic hair. Pubic hair in Japanese porn is considered a huge no-no.

You sound like quite an expert, Gamma