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Elysium and I have been enjoying Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield coop so much I figured we needed some arm patches. When the time comes to play on some real servers, we'll be representing with the coolest arm wear on the field. Will you?


If you want to be super-elite like us, right click here and save the image to your Raven Shield/Armpatches directory. Do not use the above image, use the link!


Sweet. So, you guys wanna play sometime?

What program do you use for voice com? I have an old BattleCom install (which I still think is the best) file kicking around.

Let's hook up one night !

We use Gamevoice.  A lot of our discussion has to do with devising elaborate strategies for getting shot. 

"I'm not reading anything on the heartbeat monitor, so let's both focus our attention on this door, open it very slowly, and leave our back and flanks completely exposed."

"Sounds like a plan!"

I probably won't be playing much this week, but I'm aching to get back into this game.  What little we've played so far has been very rewarding.

- Elysium

We use Sidewinder Gamevoice, you can get the free version here.

We should totally hook up, I'll make sure I drop you a message next time we play.

If anyone else would care to join, you can reach me on ICQ here: 8234511

I have been playing this game nonstop since I bought it last Wednesday. Anyway if you guys want to play sometime let me know I would be thrilled to shoot you.

Ahhh yes, Gamevoice. I beleive that's just Battlecom which was purchased by MS and made into Gamevoice.

ok, are we talking gamevoice share?

That's the one you would use, yep!