Have a Good Weekend


I was planning a fun and thoughtful post about my plans to buy a GBA SP today but IÂ'm afraid turning on the news has sucked the fun right out of me. ItÂ's all very real now isnÂ't it? It isnÂ't just an intellectual debate anymore, this is happening right now and people on both sides have taken casualties. LetÂ's hope this is over soon with as few deaths as can be managed.

I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant weekend, IÂ'm going to go and buy a new GBA SP and pretend everything is ok for a while.

- Certis


This isn't an invitation to debate the war, if you'd like to discuss it hit the forums.

Enjoy you're brand new shiny SP, at least until monday, where I suspect you may be enjoying your nice brand new shiny copy of Zelda.  But in the mean time, the back light is lovely and makes a world of difference, makes the games look completely different.

Yeah everyone, have a great weekend, have fun, play lots of games, get laid, drink lots of booze, and do tons of drugs...

Oh wait, that's MY weekend...

WooHoo It's LAN party weekend for me, It's the first weekend I've had off in five weeks and I just picked up a copy of Age of Mythology cheap and was very pleaasently surprised at how good it is as I was expecting it to be AOK with a new engine. The only thing that could make the weekend better was if we weren't fighting a war, but hope you all have a good weekend!

Man I'm doing all that this weekend except for the drugs and getting laid part. Although drugs and booze are essentially the same thing