Daily Elysium: State of the Site (Month 2)

Another month has passed here at GWJ and we resolutely stand fast against fading into obscurity.  This is possibly because we are already obscure, and any additional fading could rend significant portions of the time/space fabric of reality and send us all hurtling across any number of unpleasant dimensions.  With that in mind we press on because we bathe our egos in delusions of grandeur, and because we really have no interest in being responsible for any potential dimensional rifts.

I exaggerate, of course.  It's kind of my shtick.  In reality, GWJ is much more fun than I'd imagined it would be, which is significant because I pretty much thought this would be quite fun regardless.  We've got a regular reader base, a fantastic forum community, and lots of lurkers (I can see your dim silhouettes skulking in the shadows).  Our readership is increasing, and I feel like we've really begun to find our voice.  Things are good.

I was interested to return home from my recent excursion into the Deep South, where I ate not one grit and drank not one mint julep, to discover that Certis had posted a relatively interesting poll, and you our dear readers responded with a resounding murmur.  What encourages me about the response is that most people seem to want more GWJ.  This, I think, is better than people wanting less GWJ, which, though much easier, is not nearly so satisfying, and we hear you.  Well, I hear you.  I'm pretty sure Certis is milling about doing his own thing regardless of what you want, but I'm with you. 

What I can tell you is that we're working very hard to get those kinds of articles you've asked for.  The beginning of the year seems to be something of a hard time to try and scuffle onto the gaming news scene as a lot of places have battened down the proverbial hatches for E3, and you'd be hard pressed to get many companies to admit that they're even developing games at all.  Go ahead and try to do it yourself.  Stroll up to, say, Kenn Hoekstra from Raven and ask him if he spends more time working on Quake 4 or drinking Strawberry Smoothies and you'll find that he will be hesitant to give a definitive answer either way.  One can propose that he is enamored with the Smoothies, but it's far more likely that he is sworn to secrecy until May ... or he just doesn't enjoy answering stupid questions.  That's not to say we've given up troubling people with our somewhat gnat-like presence, and we're working hard behind the scenes. 

This month saw us bring Sway on board, and I'd just like to go on record as saying he's doing a remarkable job.  For those of you who haven't checked out his weekly Infinite Lives strip, you should go ahead and do so now.  I can assure you that they're much better than the rest of this article.  I'd like to tell you we had any indication of how talented Sway was when we asked him to start posting, but honestly we had envisioned him simply as a lackey upon which we could blame anything that went wrong.  We had no idea he could draw, or even that he planned to do so, much less that he would put together well thought out commentary.  I admit it was serendipity that put him on our staff - I swear that's not a euphemism - but we're glad to have him there - really, it's not!

Numbers, which I watch carefully and draw tenuous conclusions from - like my theory that our readership is oddly correlated to the average length of aircraft delays in Newark - continue to change on a regular basis, usually in a positive direction.  We've also noticed that these numbers change most dramatically when we have something to say about which you might actually care, like a review, an interview, or commentary on scantily clad polygons.  This means you can expect us to try and produce lots more reviews, work up more interviews, and occasionally talk about scantily clad polygons. 

Our forums are amazing!  If you haven't already signed up, it is a separate registration process from the main page, I encourage you to do so now.  If you will pardon me from tooting this horn of mine which I found lying about under some boxes, I'm hard pressed to find a parallel level of discussion in most other gaming forums.  This actually has very little to do with us, and more to do with you guys.  We thank you for helping us create a nice community.  

A few people have asked us about posting the forum Code of Conduct about which we talked once or twice before.  I've tried several times to start work on that, and each time I do, it occurs to me what a ridiculous prospect it is.  I don't need to tell you guys how you're supposed to act in public.  The general idea, which you all have followed with very few exceptions, is to treat every other forum member with an accepted level of respect.  I figure it like this: if you need a Code of Conduct to know how to act on our forum then maybe this isn't the forum for you. 

In short, though February was a relatively slow time in gaming, we still managed to grow, which only leaves us excited about the future.  For those of you who want more, we're going to work on doing just that.  Above all, we genuinely hope you enjoy visiting GWJ half as much as we enjoy putting it out for you. 

- Elysium


keep up these monthly updates as they're great fun to read, and it's good to know the staff is enjoying itself as well as the community!

I can sum up my opinion of this site in one sentence! "I don't know how I got here, but I'm glad I did"…"

Yeah, these site updates are great! Site is great as well, I love reading the articles on GWJ, because everyone knows how to write. Funny yet informative. Works for me.

Gaming news is so easy to find it is almost like an annoying little brother who just can't find anything better to do than constantly pop up before you hanging on everything you do.  However, quality gaming commentary by people who have a clear mastery of the english language is invaluable.  Your site has more promise than any of your competitors.

I have to agree 100% with this sentiment.  I never post at other gaming sites because of the over abundance of trolls and immature flamers but the community here is outstanding and the articles are always well written and interesting.  I look forward to future insightful articles, rants, interviews and soapboxes from GWJ.  Keep up the good work guys!  Great site!