More Than Meets The Eye!


Nothing makes me regret having traded in my PS2 more than this.  Not Dark Cloud 2.  Not Final Fantasy XXX Yuni's Dance Studio.  Not Grand Theft Auto: Blow Up This City.  This, is the game that makes me long to have my PS2 back, and with that I welcome any armchair pop-psychology analysis you can muster.


Click the picture for more pictures.  The Internet works like magic that way!


Don't sweat it Elysium, theres no way this game can be any good. All giant robot games based on 80s cartoons are always god-awful.

You really should get your ps2 back, I would not be able to live without one.

This games does look pretty awesome, now all we need is a GI Joe game and life will be complete.

Now all I need is a He-man or battle of the Planets game too, By the power of grayskull.....

This was also on Evils site and Pureboys comment on it had me rolling around in fits of laughter you should check it out

The Universe is mine!

I have to post Gamma's post from that thread. It's priceless.

All I ask is that they do it right. Every mission must center around the Decepticons trying to steal Energon cubes from the Autobots, or making them by raiding human power plants of varying sorts, with morals and lessons alternately being taught at the end to either Spike or Bumblebee, or the eternally grumpy Go-Bot reject, Gears. Each lesson should end with a retarded joke that, despite not being funny, everyone laughs over, especially the human characters.

Every mission must begin with one of Soundwave's cassete Decepticons listening in on anything the Autobots are doing. Despite these repeated breaches of security, the Autobots must continue to talk openly about all of their plans, difficulties, and new technologies, outdoors if possible, in areas where the cassette Decepticons can easily hide. Talking about it inside their base is fine too, though, since no one bothers to build or turn on security devices that might detect the presence of Decepticon spies.

Starscream must constantly try to wrestle power from Megatron who is somehow capable of losing roughly 80% of his body mass when tranforming into a relatively small gun that Starscream is capable of holding. He must transform into this gun at least once per mission even though he has a much larger gun mounted on his arm. He must also be capable of inexplicably summoning a Holo-Axe (Optimus Prime, in turn, can somehow summon a Holo-Morning Star).

The Autobots must be sometimes capable of flying while in robot form, but then at other times for some reason forget or lose this ability, and then devise complex plans for scaling heights or jumping ravines. Every few missions one or more Autobots' loyalty must be called into question, or a chip of some sort must be used to turn them evil.

The only way to win any mission must be to wreak complete havoc on any human site the Decepticons are attacking, completely laying waste to the human accomplishments in your valiant efforts to stave off the Decepticons. Despite the fact that they must completely rebuild and start over, the humans are still eternally grateful to you, because hey, at least the Decepticons are gone.

Like I said, if they just do it right, this will be a great game!

Too awesome.

Cheers Sway I actually meant to say Gammaleaks post not Pureboys.