Ikaruga Review


Here's a little GameCube love from your friendly neighborhood fanboy. I'm a fan of all consoles, but since I only have the one, I'm pretty much guaranteed to have news for the Cube catch my eye more often. So with that disclaimer I wanted to point you to Planet GameCube's review of Ikaruga, which should hit North American shelves next month. I'm looking forward to this since I haven't played a good space shooter since Gate of Thunder on my Turbo Duo.

As you have probably heard, these patterns of energy shots and the non-interactive backgrounds make Ikaruga a very beautiful game. Every graphical element has a sharp, clean look to it, and the framerate is high and consistent. Neither your ship nor the enemies are blessed with very animated models, but the action is so frantic that a lot of animation would probably be distracting. Ikaruga doesn’t really look like anything more than a handsome Dreamcast title, even in its GameCube incarnation, but it still looks very good compared to other games currently available. If nothing else, the visuals are quite hypnotic and will likely attract the attention of your friends and family.