Eidos and EA Shun Xbox Live


I hope everyone is doing well today! I'm afraid this is the only post you'll see from me since I'm heading out of town for a couple days and I do believe Elysium will be gone until next Wednesday. Anyways, we already knew that EA gave the thumbs down to Xbox Live but who knew Eidos would avoid it too? Both companies don't seem to like that Microsoft tries to "own the customer" when they probably want to do that themselves. More from the Inquirer:

According to Bloomberg, the chief executive of Eidos said, "we don't feel comfortable with Microsoft's business model - they own the consumer." This is down to Microsoft being determined to control the system that Xboxes connect to and, what a surprise, determined to control the subscriptions. According to Eidos, that leaves no real incentive for it to take part. Conversely, Eidos is quite happily beavering away to make online games for the Playstation 2.

I have a little tip for Microsoft, wait until you're number one and then refuse to change for big publishers.


Xbox Live won't work, the Xbox is doomed, MS should go third party.

It's not nobody knows about Microsoft and it's shady tactics...