The Things We Do for Love


Last night posted some game play movies of Zelda: The Wind Waker playing side-by-side with the GBA connection. The way it works is while one person plays the actual game another player can connect with the GBA and act as a fairy helper for Link. The fairy views the game on the GBA as a mini-map and can do things like point out enemies, find secrets and drop bombs on bad guys at the cost of 10 rupees a pop. To say the least, it looks pretty cool.

To say more, Hoochie thinks itÂ's pretty cool too so now IÂ'm probably going to buy a platinum GBA SP just on the off chance she may play Zelda with me.


This means that Zelda is going to cost me about $270 bucks Canadian after tax (thatÂ's about $160 bucks in Freedom money) once IÂ've bought a GBA, a link cable and Zelda. Why go through all the expense? My motives are twofold my friends. First of all, spending time together through coop games is easily one of my favorite things in the world so I would say thatÂ's worthwhile. The other reason is slightly more nefarious, if she suddenly loses interest in games who knows what that might do to my playing time. What if she suddenly takes to flamingo dancing and demands I join her? No, itÂ's too risky, I canÂ't afford to pass up a chance to keep her interested in gaming.

DonÂ't judge me too harshly, if you could bring your wife or girlfriend (or boyfriend) into gaming and understanding for $250 bucks you would do it in a heart beat.

Now if youÂ'll excuse me, I have some pre-orders to make.


- Certis


Yeah, cuz, flamingo dancing.  Can't beat those lawn ornaments for the sexy moves.

Don't be blaming your gaming spending on me, my fine friend.  I've been converted.  My faith is strong.  You don't need to buy my love.  Now you better go bring me some flowers and chocolate.

--still wearing the pants!--

Man. If that post above doesn't say love, I don't know what does. Marry that woman, don't let her go!

Anyway... The connection sounds really really cool. It's one of the better gaming innovations I've heard in years.

I wish my wife would play games. Sometimes she likes them. She got into one of the Harvest Moon games for a couple evenings. The problem is, she considers gaming an utter waste of time. She played the Harvest Moon game twice and hasn't touched it since. Occasionally she'll not mind "wasting" her time, but mostly she'd much rather be gardening, reading (mostly fiction, thus it's not like she's just using her free time to suck up a bunch of useful book-knowledge), or just about anything else.

>>>>Yeah, cuz, flamingo dancing.  Can't beat those lawn ornaments for the sexy moves.<<<<<

Thanks, Hoochie, because sometimes I become exhausted pointing out all of Certis' foibles, and it's good to know you pick up the slack.  Though, we both know he meant Flamenco dancing, I'd bet anything that he'd defend his use of the word Flamingo to the death.

Zelda: The Wind Waker actually looks pretty damn cool.  I've been planning on getting a GameCube at some point in the near future...I think I will definitely be getting one to play this....

Damn you spell checker, you've failed me again!