Planetside Spotlight

Section: has posted a spotlight on Planetside along with some new screen shots of the game in action. I think they're hoping to wow and amaze us but I'm feeling pretty under whelmed at this point. Everything looks so flat, jagged and boring.


If I had to guess (which I am) I would say that they realized they couldn't support that many players at once running at the graphics quality we saw in earlier screenshots. That or much like a bad online date, Sony Online sent us pictures of their sexy sister before sending the dog out for the big night. I know it's a bad analogy, I just had two cavities filled. Shut up.


What's up with SOE  being a tease? They show SWG shots that look bloody fantastic and then they show new shots and the game doesn't look that good.



It's neat but not something I would pay to play. Just not much there compared to what I get for free MP through SOF2, BF1942 etc. You also can't lay down or peer around corners (yet), so game play is pretty flat strategically.

Everything looks so flat, jagged and boring.

Holy cow, that console epitomizes everything in that sentence!  It is flat, jagged, and boring!