Amped 2 Announced


Microsoft has sent word that Amped 2 will be released this winter for everybody's favorite black and green monster. Along with this comes news that like many games, it will have Xbox Live support but only for stat tracking, replay sharing and downloading new content. It's too bad they're not going all the way with it and letting you snowboard down the mountain with some buddies.

*UPDATE: It is indeed fully playable online over Xbox Live head to head. I stand corrected!

Xbox Gets Amped at the Vans Triple Crown Snowboarding Championships

"Amped 2" to Hit the Rails on Xbox this Holiday

This weekend, Xbox once again rides the rails at the Vans North American Championships, the third stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding, to announce Â"Amped 2Â", the ultimate experience in freestyle snowboarding for the Xbox™ video game system. Snowboarders from around the globe have been waiting in anticipation for the follow-up to the acclaimed first version, Â"Amped.Â" The game, which will be Xbox Live™ enabled, is currently in development and will be out Holiday 2003.

To highlight the game, new Â"Amped 2Â" radio spots, giveaways and on-mountain signage will debut this weekend as part of the Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding sponsorship. Microsoft Game Studios will celebrate the announcement of Â"Amped 2Â" with a special, invitation-only launch party at ChadÂ's Place on Friday March 7th in Big Bear City at the base of Bear Mountain, the host city of the Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding. The party will feature snowboarding fun, game demos, and live music from alternative rockers Eleventeen.

Gamers and snowboarding fans will not be disappointed with the new features in Â"Amped 2Â" proving that the Â"AmpedÂ" franchise will once again make major advancements in the extreme sports gaming genre. New features include:

• The Tricks: Â"Amped 2Â" unleashes new aerial tricks, a full set of styled-out rail slides, and introduces Â"butterÂ", the center of a new combo system. A tutorial will teach first timers the basics of freestyling riding.

• The Web: Xbox Live will help determine who the ultimate snowboarder is by allowing gamers to challenge riders around the globe. Gamers can track stats, trade replays with friends, and download new content including mountains, gear, challenges and music.

• The Graphics: Gorgeous, fully-rendered 3D environments bring the mountains alive. Clouds move over the hills. Snow-cats groom the runs. People ride the chairs. Riders see their breath in the cold air, and snow builds up on clothing after crashes.

• The Career: Â"Amped 2Â" features a deeper career mode with more opportunities to impress the locals and the press with 3 levels of media challenges: photos, photo sequences, and video demo reels. As fame builds, sponsors award new gear and boards.

• The Mountains: Â"Amped 2Â" features top mountains from around the globe, including Laax in Switzerland and Mt. Buller in Australia. World-renowned terrain park designer, Chris Â"GunnyÂ" Gunnerson, lends his expertise exclusively to the gameÂ's park design.

• The Pros: Gamers can create a snowboarder or play as any of the top 14 pros including: Jeremy Jones, Mikey LeBlanc, Travis Parker and Janna Meyen.

• The Music: Â"Amped 2Â" provides a library of over 300 original cuts from up-and-coming indie artists. Gamers can also create their own play list and Â"ripÂ" it to the Xbox hard drive.

- Certis 


I don't want to sound like a fanboy but: Amped has a long way to go to be a better game than 1080. Online play could be really cool.