The GBA SP Stress Test


Those crazy cats over at Modtown took a GBA SP and put it through a gamut of stress tests and burnings to see how the little unit held up. This little feature is more for those of you who already own a GBA and are a bit miffed that Nintendo is putting out a sexier version of the system. Release your rage by watching the videos here.


- Certis


If you've got a broken GBA SP and you want to destroy it completely, so be it. It seems a waste to buy a new SP just to throw it away. I'd imagine there are a number of worthwhile charities out there that would put the cash you paid for that GBA to good use. Heck some charities would probably even be able to put the GBA SP, itself, to good use.


And what fun would that be?

Well, read the warning on the page.

"Warning: The Videos you are about to see can be interpreted either as violent or funny, depending on your taste. Please do not see them as an attack on the hardware. The GBA SP used in the following pictures was defective after a wrong installation of an Afterburner Chip for development purposes - it was already broken. It could probably have been repaired but... oh well. To make if brief: there was no harm done ;)"