Freelancer Docks Today


Freelancer should be on store shelves in North America today. In celebration of this fact, I thought I'd send you over to for George's quick take on Freelancer. He gives it a very good score and lauds the freedom that the game offers. However, I think he may gush a little:

If Deus Ex, Colony Wars, Grand Theft Auto, Syberia, Star Wars and Morrowind were all put into a blender by the man behind Cowboy Bebop, Freelancer would be the end result, milky smooth and pureed for your consumption.

As for me, there is only one real review of Freelancer, and that was Certis and Elysium's conference call. Actually, did they even talk about the game? Maybe I just like the way they fight. All that hair pulling and broken Doritos. If I can get $50 worth of rationalizing done by lunchtime I may go pick it up. I'm eager to see how the multiplayer feels.