Computer Zombie


When it’s 3:30 in the morning and you’re sitting on the floor in a trance staring at your open case you just know there’s going to be trouble. The problem with your system (assuming you can even remember what it was when you started) won’t go away or even worse, has changed into some horrific new problem that seems to involve components you didn’t even know you had. At this point you’re willing to try anything to appease it, anything at all to make it work.

Maybe if I switch the IDE cables around again but this time I hang the power supply out the window to keep it cool before I plug it in. That’s a really good idea.

That late at night you’re not capable of having a good idea, it’s statistically impossible.

Somehow I did manage to get my computer running again, I donÂ't remember much but I think it involved a lot of screaming and rolling around on the floor. The bottom line is that I woke up the next morning, turned my computer on and found that yes, it does indeed boot as it should. It also refuses to load any windows functions in under 5 minutes. ThatÂ's a long time to wait for your recycle bin to unload my friends, a very long time. Eventually I got that sorted out too so now, with tears of crazy joy dripping onto my keyboard, I type out this Coffee Grind and pray nothing else goes wrong ever again.

The small amount of gaming time I have managed to squeeze in lately has been spent on Age of Mythology online (mostly beating Gaald up) and getting a few hours into Rygar before I had to take it back to the rental shop. Let me tell you something about Rygar, itÂ's not the kind of game you should ever buy. If you approach your local EB employee with the game in your hand he should give you a firm backhand and send you on your way to Blockbuster. Rygar isnÂ't a bad game, itÂ's just not something that remains fun for more than a couple days. You would think a yo-yo of death would never lose its appeal but eventually you start to wish for something more. Maybe a Magic Top of Despair™ or a Pogo Stick of Doom™.

Speaking of cool things, IÂ'm not usually into toys and the like but I came across a Lord of the Rings Aragorn action figure complete with a horse and I just couldnÂ't pass it up. See as he attacks the Guinness with a thirst only a true blood of the Dunedain kings can!


That's all for now, look forward to some quick reviews and demo impressions soon!

- Certis


Alas, tall warm glass of Guiness, there's no where for you to cower now.  Have at you!

Does this mean I can return to ICQ without being bombarded by whining?  I swear, he was worse than a little girl with a skinned knee.

- Elysium

You're lucky in a cense that you don't deal with computer problems on the daily basis,....


 I would really go for that Guinness right about now, but like most of us I'm at work"…