The Longest Journey 2 in Development!


ToTheGame reports that not only is Funcom working on new content for Anarchy Online, they are now officially beginning work on a sequel to the best adeventure game ever, The Longest Journey. Here is the important bit:

With these new titles, Funcom will pave the way for single-player adventure and role-playing games on multiple platforms, in addition to Persistent Online Worlds. "We will hence focus our efforts on what we excel at: exciting adventures, role-playing, astounding visuals, high-quality content, deep game-play and fascinating stories," Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas explains.

"Hundreds of thousands of players worldwide have wondered when the next chapter in The Longest Journey would come out." says Trond Aas. "For years, both gaming media and fans have requested this sequel, and we recognize that they deserve to get the next chapter of the saga." Early this week the concept was approved, and key members of the original game are already hard at work with the sequel.

With their focus on MMORPGs I never thought the day would come! Be happy that Funcom is back on their feet and doing what they do best.


I never played TLG, but I kept hearing good things. Is it still worth picking up if you're an old-school adventure fan such as myself?

Without a doubt, TLJ is still very worthwhile and I believe they've re-released it in the smaller packaging standard now too.

TLJ was good, solid, adventure fun! I wouldn't go so far as to say "best adeventure game ever," as Certis does (Monkey Island 1 or 2, anyone?), but it's certainly worth buying!