A New Metal Gear Solid Coming to the Cube?


Rumors abound that a new Metal Gear Solid game will be announced for the Gamecube and possibly other platforms at E3. The game would be a remake of the original Metal Gear title from back in the NES days. The Konami message board admin has shed a little more light on the subject at hand.

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I might as be the first to tell you all. I can tell you that YES, just as Mr. Miyamoto stated, a metal gear game for the GC is in development, but honestly, that is all the info that is available. But this is what I was talking about when I said I can't wait for E3 (I dont know what info we will have there but there should be some more by then I would guess), and believe me, you guys can't wait either! So i know its not all of our hit franchises coming to cube, but it is one of our best and hottest ones and a deserving one at that. And who knows, if this game sells what it should, you may get your Castlevania and Contra yet!

This would be a sizable boost for the Gamecube if it turns out to be true. With 3rd parties bailing on projects left and right they can use all the help they can get.

Thanks Hellstorm.

- Certis


Gamers.com has an someone from Konami saying it's true. It's suppose to link with the GBA so I bet it's exclusive.

The Konami admin went on to say that it's very likely that the game IS exclusive.

With rumors that Miyamoto working on it, I would say it probably will be exclusive in some form.

They haven't said if the game is new or a remake, but I would love a remake of the NES classic.