Earth and Beyond Pushes Forward


Earth and Beyond is set to launch a new quest feature for the space-based MMORPG. Rather than simply go to an NPC and ask for a quest, the player will now occasionally recieve "push missions" where they will be flying around, minding their own business when a NPC contatcs them with a mission. If done right, this could go a long way to making the world seem a bit more dynamic.

Push Missions
Imagine flying around, minding your own business, when suddenly you get a distress call from a cargo ship under attack by pirates. Do you rush to help them or flee? This is an example of a new mission system called “push missions.” Essentially, this new feature presents missions to you unannounced, rather than you getting them from NPCs or a terminal (though of course you can still get missions that way as well). We’re really excited about this ground-breaking idea, and we’re sure you’ll like it as well.

It could also lead to high-level pirates suddenly dropping in on un-suspecting players.


Why do I get the feeling that E&B and Freelancer will get into this "Anything you can do, I can do better" face-off?

E&B will lose if thats what the devs plan to do.

Freelancer has much better combat gameplay.  even if E&B makes improvements to everything outside of combat, it will always boil down to the fact that Freelancer has better combat.