– The Collectors Edition


Welcome to the Coffee Grinds Super Deluxe Collectors Edition. Not only does it come with the original article but inside you will also find a limited edition coffee mug, Certis-Be-Sexy figurine and a never before released Elysium whooping doll! Are collectorÂ's editions worth the money when a game launches?

No, but they can be if you wait a few months!

Elysium and I tend to feed off each other when it comes to buying new games. Usually it involves me playing a game like Tiger Wood PGA Golf 2003 and verbally assaulting him until he succumbs and buys the game too. It doesnÂ't take much since he has less will power than a crack monkey sitting on a big pile of crack.

The tables have turned this time though; he bought Age of Mythology and demanded I buy it so we could play online. I pretended I was going to buy it anyways and slinked off to EB yesterday to pick it up. While I perused the ever-shrinking PC section I noticed they still had a couple of the giant AOM Collectors Editions left in stock. Not only that, it was listed at a mere $79 Canadian (roughly $50 US) and it was packed with goodies. A book (Bulfinch's Mythology), a making of AOM DVD, some artwork, the sound track and most importantly, a Minotaur figurine!


Ensemble and Microsoft have done a great job in putting together a collectorÂ's edition worthy of the name. Not only do you get some cool stuff, it enhances your enjoyment knowing the care and effort that went into the game after watching the Â"Making of AOMÂ" DVD. IÂ've also read some of BulfinchÂ's Mythology and it contains a ton of stories and info about Greek mythologies and the gods you encounter as you play. Very interesting reading and itÂ's all done in plain English so even the slowest among us can understand.

So thatÂ's a good collectors edition, it provides more back story, an appreciation of the game making process and a swanky Minotaur figure. For me, it was worth the extra $10 bucks US to buy it months after release. Brand new I donÂ't think any collectors edition is worth the money because ultimately you get the same game no matter how much crap they wrap it up in. On the other hand, if at some point you passed up some hot new title for a few months it may be a great opportunity to get some cool stuff with your game for a little more than the regular retail price.

Now if youÂ'll excuse me, me and my Minotaur have some wacky adventures to attend to.


- Certis


Does the minotaur pester you with annoying and unanswerable riddles?

i saw gogamer had the warcraft 3 special edition for $34.90

since i can no longer find my CD and with the expansion announced i have been tempted to purchase it.

I have never really *gotten* the collector addition concept.. these things don't end up being worth money later, the cost is usually pretty high, and it's pretty pointless crap in the box. I could see it if you got extra game content or tools or somthing... guess it's just me since they seem to sell ok.

Haha! Maybe I'm just cynical about people, but can you imagine the complaining and Female Doggoing that would ensue if game content was withheld in the "regular" version and made available only to the collector's version purchasers?

OT (and apologies if it's self serving...admonish me if I'm not supposed to be doing this) my firesale of all my (PS2) game stuff.


For Canucks with PS2's...like Certis?