Legacy of Ykesha Available for Download


For those of you still unable to tear yourselves away from the land of Norrath, you probably are already aware of this little tidbit, but Everquest has made its most recent expansion The Legacy of Ykesha available for purchase and download online.  For only $21.99 you too can skip the middle man and funnel greater profits to Sony Online!  Alright, perhaps that's a bit cynical, after all I'm ultimately a fan of direct download purchasing, and would far rather see more cash end up closer to the actual people who made a given game possible.  But I digress from the point.

The most recent EQ expansion provides the familiar slew of upgrades, enhancements, and added content, including a new playable race, the Frogloks, new zones, new spells, an enhanced system for finding a group, a cartography system, and a new slot for magical charms. All things considered, Verant has been consistent in providing a solid reason for players to pick up each new expansion, and Ykesha follows that trend making it not only appealing to the casual player, but a purchase that the hard core EQ player simply must buy. 


You can visit the official Ykesha site for detailed info and purchasing information.



wow that is really quick!  i think they should have waited.  people havent become bored yet with planes of power.  i think they are only forcing themselves into a tighter expansion release cycle and maybe shooting themselves in the foot.

heh, maybe we are all wrong and EQ will be the first MMORPG to reach a million subscribers.  it doesnt sound like its going away anytime soon and it keeps growing!

Oh no, my new character croaked!

Oh wow a cartography system finally, only two years late an after the whole world has been completely mapped but I still say about time. All games should allow you do this, in game mapping and map trading would really reward explorers and allow for some good role playing instead of "just sec while I check that web page".