Buffy's Last Season


In case you were holding out hope that Buffy: The Vampire Slayer would see another season AICN has seen fit to add another nail to the coffin. According to them, Sarah Michelle Gellar is in negotiations to shoot a movie in August, around the same time the show would normally start production. From the looks of their report, "Buffy the Vampire slayer" as a brand will be retired but the options for spin-offs and other such things are certainly there.

Head over to AICN for all the info.


I thought this was common knowledge that it was pretty much over.

Its had its run. It was a fantastic show and I am glad they are going to end it while it is still good instead of running it into the ground *COUGH*Simpsons*COUGH*.

Heh *COUGH*X-files*COUGH*.

Yeah I rather see it end well and not be dragged on wimpering.