New F-Zero Movie and Arcade Details


Daimon Hellstorm sent along a link to this Japanese website that contains a video of mixed F-Zero arcade and Gamecube footage. This one is different from what you may have seen on the Zelda pre-order disk so be sure to check it out.

Read on for some more info about the arcade version.

PGC has some extra info concerning the arcade version of F-Zero and how it will interact with the Gamecube.

The Triforce version of F-Zero contains a totally different track set from the GameCube version, though all the standard pilots and machines remain the same. The arcade cabinet is a sleek piece of work, worthy of the F-Zero moniker.

The arcade version of F-Zero features two distinct slots: One for a Nintendo GameCube memory card, for transferring data from F-Zero GC to F-Zero AC (or vice versa), and the other for a "license card." Similar to the Initial D or Virtua Fighter card systems from Sega, these magnetically-striped wonders can save your data over many game sessions. In addition, the game gives out internet ranking passwords (for Japan) so players can see who's the fastest F-Zero pilot in the country.

Sounds great, with any luck this version will make me as queasy as the original did on the SNES.