King's Dark Tower To End


According to's newswire, Stephen King is preparing to complete his magnum opus Dark Tower series with a final three volumes.  The fifth book in the series, Wolves of the Calla, will be available this Nov. 4th published by Donald M. Grant and Scribner Publishing - publishers of the previous four books - followed by Song of Susannah next summer and ending with The Dark Tower next fall.  The campaign will also feature promotion and reprinting of King's previous Dark Tower books.

Read on, for King's comments.

The article quotes King:

"I started writing the Dark Tower when I was still in college. It's been a major part of my life and my writing career. I wanted to finish it both for the readers, who have been so devoted, and for myself. In the upcoming books you'll meet new characters and you'll see familiar faces like Ted Brautigan from Hearts in Atlantis, Father Callahan from Salem's Lot ... even Dinky Earnshaw from Everything's Eventual. For me, it's like a finale and a reunion, all at once. I've put everything I've got into these three books, and I think it shows. I can say something about them I've only been able to say about a handful of my previous novels: They work, they're good, and I'm proud to have written them."

I read the first two books, and remember enjoying them, but fell out of interest with a lot of King's work.  Unfortunately this happened around the time I read his books like The Tommyknockers and later Insomnia which, I thought were both terrible.  I've been told that King has since found his magic again, so I may dig back into the Dark Tower series.  I abandoned it largely because I doubted he'd ever find his way to an end ... like, say, the Wheel of Time series.

- Elysium


Gah, that title almost gave me a heart attack. How can it end? He's still got 3 books to go in it!

Anywhoo, the Dark Tower series has always been good, and has been getting better with each successive book. After reading through Lord of the Rings again, it's rather interesting to see how many similarities the Dark Tower series has with LOTR.

I stopped reading King's stuff, but I'm always looking forward to the next Dark Tower book. A while back I decided to pick up some of his other stuff that had Dark Tower references in it, and it just wasn't worth it. Insomnia was so damn boring. Hearts in Atlantis would have been good if it was half as long. Black House was pretty cool. And I think there may have been another that I grabbed that was just lame.

In other words, read the Dark Tower series!

The Dark Tower books are all pretty awesome, although I would say that the first one is the best. The only other two King books I have read were The Stand and IT both excelllent.