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I'd like to introduce you to a new weekly feature here at GWJ. Fridays are very special to many of us. They are the harbinger of a brief respite from our toils and, perhaps, an opportunity to sink into our gaming chairs and achieve inner tranquility. So I figured since you're probably already in a good mood, this would be the ideal day to bring you a new comic.

Introducing Infinite Lives...


Just to clarify, for those of you wondering what precisely makes this so friggin hilarious.  It's the hat. 

On the upside, I figure this gives us permission to call being middle-aged "Hell Levels".

- Elysium

It's the level cap I'm worried about.

EEEK I've just past that sign saying "You are now entering the Hell Levels - Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

I heard that when you're in the Hell Levels they play the castle tune from the original Super Mario Brothers.

45 seems a little young to go to the planes.  unless you're a smoker, and fast food junkie.  (1 outa 2 aint bad)