EverQuest Wants You Back


I opened my e-mail this morning to find an invitation from Sony to return to EverQuest. Evidently as an effort to renew interest in the game, they are offering a chance to play EQ for free between February 20 and March 21. This seems to me to be a great way to bring all the players who have left back into the fold before the release of EQ2.

Simply log in your old account and play for free for 30 days. Please note that there's no guarantee your dusty old characters will still be accessible, or that you will be able to access zones or features for which you have not purchased the appropriate software. If this is the case, however, please feel free to enjoy the free 30-day reactivation period by creating a new character. Experiment with different races and classes you may not have tried before.

Proceed at your own risk, folks. There's frogloks in them thar hills.


It's just a plain smart move.  I have no doubt that there are thousands of people who've been fighting a desire to return to Norrath, and just need a slight nudge to push them back to the dark side.  They weren't getting money off these people anyway, so why not?!

And, yes, just for the record, I got this e-mail as well.

- Elysium

The fact that I did not get this mail tells me that I'm finally free of their evil clutches. As with high school reunion organizers, if SOE can't find you, you must practically be non-existent.

Mythic just sent me a similar letter, promising bold new changes and making all kinds of promises that I will be entertained. They also did promise that my old characters would be there... a subtle but important difference.

no and um.... no!

a friend recently wanted to discuss my return to EQ.  i said no and we discussed all the issues with the game.  i said magicians were fun but the pet research sucked.  he told me the guild would have all my 45+ pets by the time i got there.  i told him enchanters were fun but i didnt want to play the high end game with an enchanter.  something about requiring a stopwatch just turns me off.  he acknowledged the stop watch requirement and shrugged.  i said the beastlord class was fun but i feared that i would become a pet cleric and the pet stealing xp was messed up.  he confirmed that beastlords become pet clerics.

my friend then went on to describe a recent guild raid encounter.  he said that they grouped 5 clerics with a warrior.  the warrior is the only one fighting the monster because it hits so hard.  the clerics would meditate and take turns casting complete heal on the warrior.  if one of the clerics cast a second too late the warrior would die and the party would be wiped out.  did i fail to mention the fight lasted 45 minutes on one mob?

i strongly urge anyone reconsidering EQ, keep the above in mind.  plus dont forget the game that invented whiners and beggars.  "gimme sow" "gimme a gate" "gimme buffs" "twink me" "gimme clarity" etc...

Am I the only one who gets totally bored in games like these? I installed EQ tonight, was logged in for a few hours, and eventually gave up and uninstalled it because I didn't feel like spending all night just traveling to where I wanted to be.

I always have a problem finding other people to group with too. Maybe I'm so antisocial that even online people can tell I'm no fun. =)

More power to you if you sign back up, but I don't think I can ever go back.