The Hulk Script Review


AICN has posted a look at the finished Incredible Hulk movie script. I wouldn't call it a review exactly but the bottom line is that The Hulk may be something worth looking forward to if it's executed properly. I don't want to give any anti-spoiler nut jobs a reason to hunt me down so you can read more if you want an almost spoiler free snip of the article.

Just for fun you will also find a screen shot of what one of the hulk dogs looks like in toy form. Yes, they are as stupid looking as you would think.

Well, if that was the movie they made, I could defend it at a pure comic book level. This, this there is no need to ever make excuses for. This script is dense material. Remember CLASSIC ILLUSTRATED comics? Those comic book versions of great novels and plays? Think of this in reverse. This script version of THE HULK, this feels as though truly ingenious minds sat down and reverse engineered the original material, upon which the comics were drawn.

This is a script that has long character monologues, that are great. Witty back and forth dialogue that isnÂ't banter, its classic and classy.

Harry has been known to get carried away with loving things he WANTS to be great so take this with a bag of salt. If it does pan out though, you can mark me down as a very happy comic movie fan.


- Certis