I Know What I'm Doing When I Get Home


The arrival of a mysterious white package filled with a VGA adapter for my Xbox and a package of oddly flavored Lays chips could not have come on a more opportune occasion as new content has finally arrived for Microsoft's MechAssault.  The content includes two new mechs, two new multiplayer maps, and additional items to expand online play over Xbox Live.  MechAssault, though a bit simplistic at times, has been a fun diversion and an interesting online experience, the kind of game you can jump into for a few minutes and forget your troubles with the business end of a PPC.  If you haven't picked up MechAssault for your Xbox Live, or an Xbox Live for you MechAssault, then now might not be the worst time to join the party.




Finally you can enjoy the splender that is the Lays Ketchup Chip imported from the exotic country of Canada.

Which VGA adapter did you end up getting, Elysium? Mind giving us a mini-review on it? I've been fussing over a few models, and I'm still not sure which one to go with.

Ketchup chips?  Blech!

I second that. I am looking for an adapter, too. So me and my friends can play halo without the need for xboxconnect or small TVs.

What are the two new maps? Please tell me at least one of them is useable in single-player. The arena map got old fast, and River City, as cool as it was, has also gotten incredibly damn long in the tooth for those of us without Live who can't play the other game types. =(

If you're insane enough to spend 399$, this one is definitely the best one you can throw money at.